After a long silence on the moBlog front I finally got sometime to work on moBlog. The following are the enhancements done to moBlog:

Ability to work with published posts 
Now moBlog allows you to retrieve the latest 20 published posts in your blog. After retrieval, you can amend and re-publish them via moBlog. You can also delete a published post after retrieval.  You can retrieve the published posts via the Open Posts option. In that screen there is a drop down on top of the screen with the following options:

  • Saved Posts – locally saved un-published posts
  • Published Posts – retrieves the latest 20 posts published on your blog.

Please note that moBlog does not locally store the published posts, so every time you choose the Published Posts option, moBlog retrieves the posts directly from your blog. So if you are charged for the amount of data you are using, be mindful of that.

Editing Enhancements
Now moBlog allows you to bold, underline and italicize your post content body. moBlog would insert HTML tags to the body so i advice you to do these actions at last otherwise your body will start to look like a HTML code!

Removal of ‘Posted by moBlog’
I used this pingback to promote moBlog. But since most of you have complained about it, I decided to remove it. Besides I could not figure out the actual visitors to my site and the pingbacks!

Hope everyone would give this new release a try as well. I have done a bit of tweaks to make blogging from moBlog easier and given more power to authors to post better formatted posts. I personally am not very fond of the text editors that are being used on moBlog, but in the absense of a better, more powerful and FREE editor control that can be used on .NETCF, I am left with no other alternatives. If someone can point me towards an editor that can be used,  I’ll be happy to incorporate that into moBlog.

Please download release 2.2 from HERE

Happy moBile Blogging with moBlog!

  1. You are the best!

    Thanks a lot for your work! My Pocket PC is broken right now, but in the previous version, the tags field refused to work, just like a white square without interaction.

    On a HTC TyTN with official WM6 ROM

  2. Thanks! I’m giving it a go 🙂 We’ll see, how you improved it.

  3. Rodolfo

    The program is great, but it lacks the abbility to copy and paste, something most bloggers do.
    I hope you include it in a next version.

  4. Is it still do not support the WordPress weblogs that not building on our own server?

  5. It does support wordpress blogs hosted on your own server.

    You need to enter the url of your logn page:

    But make sure that you have configured XMLRPC support on the deployment. Without XMLRPC support, you cannot post to your blog remotely.


  6. Hollito


    I just tested moBlog and it works fine. Good job! 🙂
    Two things I wanted to let you know:

    1. Your email adress in the “About” section of moBlog seems to be faulty, it says

    2. Could you change the dialog for including a picture in a new post? I will explain, what difficulty I found.
    On my smartphone, a HTC Wizard, the photos made with the internal camera are stored in the directory
    My Documents/Eigene Bilder/
    on the storage card.
    When the dialog opens, it only shows the first level of directories, but not the second. So I can go to “My Documents”, but I can not go to the next directory, where the pictures are stored. So it would be helpful, when the dialog would show not only picture files, but also directories.
    Or does this work, but I did not understand how to manage this?

    Regards, H.

  7. Hey,

    My email is correct.

    I am not quite sure why you cannot browse to your storage card. I have my pictures also stored in the storage card and I can navigate to that.


  8. Sampath,
    you misunderstood.
    Yes, pics are on the storage card. But not in a “first level” directory.
    The structure is like this:

    storage card/directory_1/directory_2

    Pics are in directory_2.
    With the “insert picture” dialog of moBlog you can NOT reach the directory_2, because the dialog only shows pictures in directory_1, not following directories.
    Just open the file explorer and compare what you see: File explorer shows all files and *directories*, moBlog dialog shows only picture files, *no* directories.

    Again: I want to chose pics out of a directory, than is *in* another directory, which is on the storage card.

    BTW: Did you get my email?

    Regards, H.

  9. TravisM

    Hey, I have a strange issue, my posts are published with a time stamp that is 7 hours in the past. Any ideas? Help, thanks!

  10. There was an error.

    I can’t seem to post with moblog to

    I have a Sprint Mogul running WM 6.1.

    Everything’s fine. Even retrieving my blogs and all, but when I try to post a blog, I get “there was an error”

  11. Simon

    I have installed your app and it works well excpet for one area, photo\picture uploading.

    I also have an issue with not being able to attach images beyond one folder level, my photos are on the storage card in \DCIM\100Media so are inaccessable.

    But when I try to upload an image I get “There had been an error”, also it does not show the image in the preview.

    I am trying to upload to blogger.

    Cheers, keep up the good work.

  12. Mark

    I love this application! Just one thing though…

    When a blog post is published, it does so as a “Scheduled” post, and therefore it has a 2 hour delay before the post goes live… Is there a way to make the posting immediate?

  13. @Simon
    Ahh, another one with the same problem…I really began to believe that I am too dumb for that moBlog program, b/c I could not find a way to access my pictures. 😉

    @Sampath, any idea how to fix this issue?

    Regards, H.

  14. Hi I can’t install it… in the packet there’s only a _setup.xml file that my windows mobile open as an xml document in IE

    how can I install it?

  15. Hi,
    thanks for the great tool.
    Beside the bold, italic and underlined html tags I would like to see link-tags supported to insert links more handy (without to type the html manually what gets quit annoying without copy/paste.
    Thanks and greetings…

  16. hol47

    great tool, but i also got timestamp problems (my posts are taget 12hrs into the future and thus are auto-scheduled by WP if i am not mistaken). Could you please look into this? Id really like to se moBlog during my trip to the US next week 😉

  17. hol47

    FYI, switching the timezone to eastern us fixed the schedule problem. gonna use that as a quick fix….

  18. KTKillo

    Great work!

    I’m still testing it, but at this moment works well for me!
    If you would be able to improve some things in next version… would be great!
    -> Same problem with pictures: I only can see the files in first level, no folders.
    -> Copy/Paste is really usefull. Without them, is quite dificult handle HTML links…
    -> Could be posible some kind of… “autoresize” of pictures, or something like that? If i don’t edit them before, they are too big and not fit in mi

    Thanks for your work!
    PS: Sorry, my english isn’t good!

  19. Hi. I’d really like to try this program, but don’t use the blogging services mentioned.

    I’d like to request a feature that would allow me to specify the MetaBlog API endpoint URL for a “manual configuration.”

    Thanks in advance.

  20. Dean-Ryan Stone

    Doesn’t work for me. Installed on Windows Mobile 6.1. Using WordPress 2.05 (yes, I know it’s old – is that the problem?). Using correct username/pwd. When I tried to Retrieve Blogs, I get the spinning Windows progress wheel for a few seconds then nothing appears in the Blogs dropdown. Works fine with Windows Live Writer off the PC so I know xmlrpc support is enabled. Help!

  21. Dean-Ryan Stone

    (I can open and see Published Posts fine, though..)

  22. Is there a FAD or help page anywhere which runs through the basic features of how to use the program?

    I just loaded it on my WM6 phone and just wanted to make sure I do things correctly so as to keep from screwing my blog up.

    Either way, thanks so much for creating this tool.

  23. stowgood

    I can’t get this software to work – I wanted to use my phone with a blog, so I setup up my blog and then it what had inspired me turned out to be an out of date piece of software. I then found your software, I can make the device find the blogs on and on word however I can’t use my phone to post on either. I get no error on word press but nothing gets posted. However i get there is an error pop uo with – This is the on I want to use.

    WM 6.1 may be the problem.

  24. SaD

    I get error popup when retrive blogs for 😦

  25. Did you use B4PPC to make this?

    I would like to help you improve this one if you are willing to share the source. I use this app a lot and there’s quite a couple easy-to-fix bugs I spotted.

    Contact me if you are interested

  26. found your application while looking for ways to publish using my pda. so far the only program that work.

    the 1st thing i found out is the timestamp bug. after posting with moblog, it actually posted 8 hours in the future. making my post appear 8 hours later. i set my time zone to +8 hours btw.

    so, my guess is the default timezone for moblog is +0 Greenwich time. can you add in an option to adjust the timezone so our post will appear on our blog according to our timezone?

    it will be perfect that way. thanks! ^_^

  27. Hollito

    Still no solution for the problem with pictures in 2nd level directories?

  28. Hi. I can’t seem to retrieve the blogs. I have entered the http://blogname/wp-login.php and the user name and password but I het “There was an error” message.
    I have enabled xml-rpc in my WordPress (hosted on own server) blog.

  29. I’ve used moBlog successfully on my HTC TOuch Diamond (UK T-Mobile ROM) with images stored in all sorts of places and levels without a problem, I reckon it could be more to do with the device ROM than the moBlog app.

    The one thing I’m crying out for is cut/paste – otherwise the app is greatly restricted as a mobile blogging tool. I’ve also been employing the no longer supported Pocket SharpMT which does permit cut/paste, but annoyingly doesn’t support multiple blogs or platforms.

  30. mjg

    any plans to support other blog software like or subtext?

  31. Hi Sampath,

    great tool. It sure is the best moblogging app out there.

    I do have some requests though.
    1. Could you add a “link” function to the edit menu. I often link to other peoples blogs/pages, so a menu option like that would make moblogging even easier.
    2. Everytime I start your app, there is no profile selected and I need to select my blog. Can you include something like a “main profile” checkbox. – So that the main-profile is always selected on start up.
    3. It would be great if you could add support for landscape mode. It works, but i have to scroll down to the tabs.

    And this might be a bug: I just installed 2.something and my chategories are gone. The Checkboxes still show up, but not the chategories. Any idea how I can fix it?

    Thanks again, for all the work.

    (HTC Touch Pro, wp2.7)

  32. One more thing,

    Picture Upload works fine on wlan, but gets an “There was an error”- Message using UMTS.

    Posting Text works fine both ways…

  33. tom

    Seem to be having an issue with saving the post offline, I started writing, saved, wrote a bit more, saved again. But then when I went back to edit it further it hadn’t overwritten the first save, so I lost the second edit.
    Anyone else had this problem or am I doing something dumb?

  34. dukessa

    Thank you! Working like a charm on my Samsung Omnia 🙂

  35. Hollito

    More than half a year without any reactions. 😦
    Seems that v.2.2 was the last version of moBlog?

  36. mong

    I hope the last version at least have copy/paste function…

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