I used to go through life without a proper goal or a clear sense of direction. I just lived one day at a time. Of course it was very easy to live like that, but after a while I wanted to derive more from my life.

Hence I was searching for direction and purpose in life and though I have not fully discovered either of them yet, I have come up with a personal mission statement. This personal mission will change over time just like corporate mission statements change over time. This page will contain the Mission Statements and thier evolution over time.

Version 1.0

Personal Mission Statement of Sampath Dassanayake:

  • I will be a light, not a judge.
  • Succeed at home first – I will love my family unconditionally and will be available.
  • Excel at work – I will give 100% to the job at hand, without worrying about the next promotion or the job.
  • Be proactive –  I will act before being acted upon. I will be my own creator.
  • I will create my own destinity without waiting for others to do so. (Begin with the end in mind)
  • I will organize my life around deepest priorities. (First things first)
  • I will seek a win/win solution at all times.
  • I will seek to understand and then be understood.
  • I will look for Synergy in life.
  • I will work on balanced renewal of physical, mental, spriritual and social dimentions of my life.
  • I will develop at least one onew proficiency a year.
  • I will not fear mistakes nor failures. But I shall never forget the lesson.
  • I will work towards becoming financially independent.
  • I will keep my expenses within my earnings. I shall not get into debt beyond my earning capacity.

I have also created another mission statement around the current roles that I play. Here it is:

Roles and Goals:

  • Individual – Myself is my greatest asset. I will seek balanced renewal of my spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social dimentions of my life.
  • Husband – My wife is my companion and best friend. I will be honest and true to her and will love her unconditionally and will accept her for who she is.
  • Son – I will love and care for my parents to the best of my ability.
  • Brother -I will be there for him as a friend whenever he needs me.
  • Employee – I will give my best to the job at hand without worrying about the next job or promotion.
  • Entreprenuer – I will work towards achieving my entrepreneurial dreams.
  • Teacher – I wil share my knowledge freely and willingly.

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