About Sampath Dassanayake

I am a Sri Lankan entrepreneur, a software engineer by profession currently working as a freelance consultant for an international clientele. I mainly provide my services as a Software Architect and a Project Manager. You can check out my profile on online freelancing website odesk.com here.

Prior to becoming a full time freelance consultant I was the IT and Administration Manager for an multinational company in USA. I was working out of Sri Lanka, managing their off shore IT/Accounting/Administration/Order Processing back office. I was recruited to setup this off-shore support center and to manage their IT systems.

Prior to that I worked in several software companies in the capacities of Project Manager and a Software Engineer.

I mainly work with Microsoft technologies. I have been coding in .NET platform since 2003. My development interests include .NET technologies – mainly ASP.NET (MVC), developing software for Pocket PC’s, Web Services and Smart Client Applications. I am also passionate about RoR, nHibernate, TDD and BDD.

I am interested in personal development, management, entrepreneurship, and human relations. I am trying to develop myself as a person and am happy to share my experiences with you.

I am married to Lushani and she is working as the Customer Care Manager for a satellite television company. She is my greatest source of inspiration to become a better person. She amazes me every day with her compassion and love!

We are blessed with two children. Our daughter Dinaara was born in November 2006 and our son Dineth was born in March 2009. They are the apples of our eyes and gives meaning to everything that we do and puts our lives in perspective.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and ramblings with you through this blog!

Sampath Dassanayake

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