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Watching cricket after quite a long time. I was not following this tournament until that last crucial match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand. I wouldn’t have watched it either if it wasn’t for my friend Chandi. But that ignited my interest in this tournament.


So here I am watching the final. The early wickets of Lankan team made me realize why I was not so keen on watching cricket. It is great to watch cricket when our team is going great guns. But not so great when they are not doing so great. As a spectator you feel very powerless as all you can do is to watch and keep your faith in your team. That is maybe the great thing about team sports. And particularly cricket. You cannot really place bets based on odds. On any given day any team can be on top. And that is particularly true for teams like Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


I am going to keep watching. Hopefully I can watch through to the end, even if we win or lose. But it will be very heart breaking to see another team win.

Damn, Mahela also got out! I think now we are really in a bad spot!