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The trade unions of the country have decided to go ahead with a work to rule campaign demanding a salary hike. Their plan is to bring the country to a standstill and disrupt the whole economy. At a time when the world is going through an economic crisis and most people are clinging on to their jobs, these blokes are disrupting that as well, because they want a salary hike!

The private sector employees are not at all looking forward to a salary hike, simply because they are aware of the situations their companies are facing. They are just plain happy to just keep their jobs. But these blokes who either are plain stupid, to understand the economic situation, or are having vested interests, decide to hold the rest of the country to ransom.

I would just propose to fire all those who refuse to work and employ new employees or just to hand these over to the private sector who can run it. These idiots will learn a lesson then, like those idiots of the 83 July strike.