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It’s been a week since I landed in Mauritius. I have been in Port Louis since the day that I landed here.

I have heard that this is one of the most beautiful places on earth. But since I have been stuck in Port Louis, I haven’t had a chance to go out to the beaches or to see the country. My typical day has been confined to my hotel room, restaurant (for breakfast), to the office (office of our partner company) which is down the street about a 150 meters and the clients office which is about a 5 minutes walk from my hotel and the office.

I had walked about the surrounding areas to the office and the clients’ office during lunch time, in search of lunch. But since people here take very quick lunch breaks, these wanderings have been confined to areas that you can cover in about 30 minutes.

Apart from these places I had been to the harbor front, last Sunday. It was a nice place, especially, in Sri Lanka the harbor front is out of bounds for civilians for security reasons. Sipping a coffee at the harbor front, made me realize the value of peace. If peace prevailed back home, we could have had the opportunity to have a coffee at the harbor front on a Sunday evening.

From what I have heard, Port Louis is not a safe place after dark. I was strictly advised to not to wander out on my own after the sun sets off. So for every day of the last week, since I was working till pretty late, I was dropped back to my hotel in a cab although it was just a two minute walk. This basically ruled out me ever going out of the hotel after I came in.

And the other thing is Port Louis shuts off after 5.30 PM, as a town. Shops and offices close and around 6.00 – 6.30, you hardly find any people on the roads. I think people just retire to their homes. Good for the citizens, the whole country has a pretty good setup for a work life balance. But for a visitor, this rules out any activity after 6.30 PM. There is no active and vibrant night life as such. Maybe on the beach resorts things may be happening late into the night. Since I am not a night clubbing kind of a person, I have no options. I hear the only place that is open till late is the harbor front.

There are only three TV channels. And I have not managed to find a good English program on either of them. They are either in French, Creole or Hindi/Tamil. The hotel room has no cable TV, so there’s nothing on TV to watch.

Even on a Sunday, its the same scene. I want to go out for lunch, but I think my only option is the harbor front. Not that I mind though, its a nice view. Food seems all right. You have the choice of quite a few cafes / restaurants. Food is slightly expensive though. But its better than the food at the hotel.