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To day is my mothers 71st birthday! And I am not there in Sri Lanka to share this wonderful day with her. So I wanted to make a very short note to wish her a very happy birthday and to with her health and happiness. I will not wish her wealth as she is not interested in acquiring wealth anymore. She is seeking a more spiritual wealth these days. And she is well on her way there.

I just wanted to thank her on this day for the couragous woman she has been. For her efforts to bring up me and my brother as responsible citizens. And for being a wonderful mother-in-law to Lushi and Shiyara. When I hear the problems between mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws, I realize how lucky I am! Mine get along very well and I am sure they will in the future too!

I am especially proud of you for the way you carried yourself after Thaththa’s demise. You were a tower of strength to me and malli to pick up our lives and move on! Ammi, I am sure Thaththi, from where ever he is, is very proud of you too!

And finally, I want to tell you again that we love you. Your grand-children adore you! And you will be with us for many years to come! You have to!

Happy Birthday Amma!