Is Twitter the blog killer

I thought I was alone in this. But seems now more and more people are Twittering more than they are blogging. They seems to be preferring the option of short bursts of thoughts rather than writing a lengthy blog post.

For me Twitter was a more of a quick outlet for what was going in my mind rather than an outlet for my journalling. I just liked to twitter about how I was feeling or what I was upto at a particular moment. And for me blogging was a way to put my thoughts in perspective and trying to put them into words clearly. Blogging to me is writing a book. Something you want to refer to later. Twitter is like writing to a daily. You just write for the moment. It is not particularly for the long term.

But Twitter is a faster and a more efficient way of getting what’s on your mind out there. I would be more comfortable to Twitter teh fact that i am at a waiting longe in an air port waiting for a flight rather than write a blog post on that short fact. In my mind, a blog post has to have aa certain length. It has to have some depth. But a Twitter needs none of that. After all, you only have 140 characters to play with!

And the other fact is the convinience of posting from your mobile. Just put it on a text message and voila! I know, a lot of blogging services offer mobile blogging, but you need MMS or to send an email from your mobile. But Twitter needs just a plain SMS. That is the power of convinience!

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