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Switching seems to be a recurring topic on my blog these days. Hopefully this will be the last one in this series.

I switched ISP’s last month. As much as I was happy with the consistent service provided by my previous ISP, LankaBell, they were expensive. I was signed up for a 2Mbps connection and I was getting more than 1 Mbps consistently. Consistency is the key here, as my 4Mpbs line at work, doesn’t seem that fast, the speed is volatile and it does have a great impact on the actual throughput when you are using it.

Anyway, I was happy with the service but not with the price I was paying for it. And since SLT came up with their new broadband packages, promising minimum of 2 Mbps and maximum 8Mpbs speeds with a capped monthly usage quota, I was itching to switch. Only thing I wasn’t sure about was whether I would exceed the quota of 20 Gb per month, and whether the stated speeds would be practically available given the fact that this is shared bandwidth.

However, I faced a third dilemma. When I applied for a connection, I was told that the area I was living in was running at full capacity and that I would have to wait, indefinitely until they can activate my connection.

After about a month they did, and I managed to set up my home network using some old equipment that were in possession. Immediately, I faced some volatility issues. My connection kept dropping and it was hard to get anything done. I often kept switching back to my old LankaBell connection, in order to complete my work (I ran both connections in parallel for about a month, until I got the bill from LankaBell for another month!)

Then one day, I just turned off my LankaBell connection, and used the Wireless N router I was using with it as a Wireless N access point, and all my network stability issues vanished).

Now I am completely on the SLT broadband connection. I disconnected my Lankabell connection and they even removed their equipment. Personally for me, my Internet connection is second only to the power connection in terms of need! So far SLT had not let me down. And I am keeping a mobile broadband connection as back  up in case if something goes wrong. I am happiest when I get the bills. This connection costs me only 1/3 of what I was paying before!


A couple of weeks ago I got a new laptop from office. It is a Dell Latitude D630 running Vista Business. I didn’t get much time to setup the machine, just did the bare essentials to do my day to day work. And during the last long weekend, since I had sometime in my hands, I started setting up my development environments on it.

I started off with Visual Studio 2003 as the main solution that I need to support on my new job is a ASP.NET 1.1 application. Through officially VS2003 is not supported on Vista, I managed to install and run it on my machine. I still havent done any debugging or anything yet, but hope I wont face much issues. In case I do, i do have another laptop running Windows XP, on which I have installed VS2003.

Then came my favourite IDE, VS2005. Installed the Professional Edition and WM5 SDK’s and tried to do some changes to moBlog. Managed to do the changes, but was not able to test it as I could not get the emulator to connect to the Internet. Also, since I have switched my mobile also to a Blackberry I did not have a device to test it on either.

Ended up installing an untold number of software on my laptop including Virtual PC, patches, WM6 SDK’s, you name it. But still I cannot get my emulator to connect to the Internet. The Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) only started to recognize the cradling of the emulator after I installed MS Virtual PC. Now, when I cradle the emulator, WMDC recognizes and initiated a connection. But still I cannot browse the Internet from the emulator.

When I try to browse a web site from it, I get a message saying that “Page cannot be found. Check the name and try again”. From moBlog, I get a exception saying that the remote host name cannot be resolved. I know the issue is with the connectivity between the emulator and machine. But right now I have run out of ideas. And I could not find much information on the Internet regarding connecting emulators to Internet using WMDC. All the articles refer to ActiveSync. But the information is straight forward enough to apply to WMDC, unless there are any specific things that you need to do with WMDC.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!

UPDATE: I allowed WMDHost (C:\Windows\WindowsMobile\WmdHost.exe) through the firewall and it happened to solve the problem.  Voila! Now my .NETCF programs can connect to the Internet through the Emulator!