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My only sight seeing in Mauritius happened on the 9th September Sunday, when I traveled up to Ile Aux Cerfs to visit an island and to do para-sailing. I was staying in Port Louise and Ile Aux Cerfs is on the east of the island. But the journey didn’t take more than an hour and a half! Not all of it on highways either. Most of it was on normal single lane roads, but I guess it is the beauty of a small island with less traffic on the roads.

Ile Aux Cerfs is an island off the coast, which is about a 10 minute ride on a slow boat. On a speed boat it will be less than 5 minutes. We were supposed to go on a speed boat, but by the time we got to the jetty, all speed boats were gone and had to settle for a slow boat.

Ile Aux Cerfs is a beautiful small island which is nested between a few more islands. The other islands are either private islands belonging to hotels or inhabitant, Ile Aux Cerfs is maintained as a public location with excellent infrastructure for tourists both local and foreign on-site. It is also a hub of activity to go para-sailing as well as other water sports. Well I didn’t see anyone doing jet skiing or water skiing, para-sailing seems to be the popular activity. Then there are activities like banana boat rides and the like and excursions to the nearby islands. Then there’s a mini golf course on the island.

What thrilled me most was the para-sailing part. Basically, they take you to a platform on the sea, and there they hook a parachute on to you. The parachute is tied to a boat and the boat takes off and you take off to the sky. Just like a fighter jet takes off from a carrier craft! then they take you on a round, then the boat slows down, gently landing you to the water. As you touch the water and dip your feet into the water, the boat takes off taking you up with the parachute. Then the boat takes you around the platform and gently lands you on the platform itself! No need to swim, unless something goes wrong!

It was first experience I had with parachuting. And it was a thrilling experience. Well, at least with that, my Mauritius trip was not all work! Thank god!

PS:  Thanks Nirmal for finding out about Ile Aux Cerfs and organizing the trip. And thank you Shailendra and his friend, for taking us there and also for carrying out all the negotiations on behalf of us!