Switching to a Mac

I switched to a Mac. Actually to a MacBook Pro. And I am writing this post on it!

I was thinking about upgrading my laptop for a month or so now. I’ve been using my old lap top for about 18 months and I kind of got to the point I wanted a little bit more screen real-estate and a better battery life. My previous laptops battery had passed through its motions and had very little charge retention.

I was working from the road a bit, not because I was travelling on business, but because I was shuttling my kids for classes and I wanted to get some work done while I was sitting around till their classes finished. Since my usual laptops battery wont last through the duration of a class, I was using a netbook, which was getting to me with is crawling, slow performance and the tiny screen size. Even it’s keyboard was tinier than the normal laptop so even typing on it was a chore.

Hence, I was looking for a better laptop with a better processor and a better battery. And guess what came on the list that met that criteria? MBP!

It’s amazing that the best windows developers laptop happens to be a Mac. My job requires me to run Windows and the Mac supports that natively with bootcamp. And the first thing I did after getting my hands on it was actually to get Windows7 on it! I find myself using Windows& on this more than often than I am using MacOSX. I am surely hoping the tide’s will turn around as there is a some python work on the horizon.

I can’t even begin to say how much I am enjoying this machine. The display is fabulous, the keyboard feels natural under my finger tips and the over build of the machine feels so assuring. And performance, even though this one has only a 4GB of memory (as opposed to 6GB, the max allowed on my old laptop) this one never seems to be wanting of anything to perform any task that is thrown at it (Maybe it’s the Sandy-bridge processor on this?)

The design and practicality of this machine is enormous. I love the mag safe power adaptor. Even those two tiny hooks built into the power adaptor that you can use to coil the wire. The unibody feels so assuring in your hands.

Switching to the Mac had other expenses lined up for me as well Smile. I wanted a fancier bag and it had me shopping for leather bags and I ended up getting two of them!

In love with Macs

Im falling in love with Macs these days. I don’t know. I think I’m finally becoming an Apple fanboy.

I’ve been on a Compaq, Core i5 machine for a little over a year now. And I even upgraded the RAM and the hard drive on this rig. It’s a fully spec’ed up machine now. I should easily be able to get a couple of more years of work from this rig.

I dunno. I suddenly find myself reading up about Macs, comparing the prices and checking out them at Mac stores. They certainly are now available in Colombo. Sri Lanka used to be a Windows country. But I think now the macs are invading!

I’ve been drawn to a few gadgets in the past and what I found out about my self was that my lust for the devices last until I buy them and then for about a month afterwards. Then they become just a part of my portfolio of stuff I own. This happened with my last expensive purchase, which was a DSLR. Not to say that I dont use it, but I dont use it as much as I envisaged that I will use it prior to buying it. I justified buying it a lot (to myself mostly) saying that I am picking up a new hobby. But, that hasnt been the case. With my work schedule, I hardly find any time for a hobby (i hardly find time to sit down and have a meal, let alone to indulge in a hobby).

Getting back to the topic of a mac, more than a camera, or any other toy for that matter, I will use a Mac as I spend most of my waking hours in front of a computer. And the justification this time around is, that though they are expensive, (probably you can buy 2 high end windows laptops for a MBP with similar configuration), I am upgrading the primary tool that is used in my line of work! How is that for a justification!

And I have been extremely busy with the computer and it will pay to upgrade it without waiting till it reaches its end of life. At least, if I upgrade now, I should be able to sell my existing computer for a decent price as it is still not out dated (they still sell this configuration).

Well, now I need to see if I can actually go through with purchasing a MBP.