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The government did the inevitable last night. They raised petrol and diesel prices with effect from this morning. Petrol has gone up by Rs. 30 a litre! Quite a large price increase by any means.

I am not naive enough to blame it on the government alone. I know the price of crude oil has been rising sharply in the wold market and this move was inevitable. But for the average Sri Lankan this is a huge blow. The cascading effect of these fuel price increases will result in everything going up in price.

Private bus owners are already hinting that they need to increase the bus fares or they’ll go on strike. The prices of the essential items (depending on what your needs are) will go up as there is not much of a control on those.

I for one will have to take on several cut backs. First will be on my travelling and travelling patterns. I will have to start hitching more rides with my wife. My recently acquired VW Bora will spend more time in the Garage at home rather than on the road! And depending on what prices other commodities reach on the open markets, other creature comforts will also be cut back.

I am determined to stick in this country. I am not about to run away from here in search of greener pastures overseas.  So in that respect, I am ready to let go of some of my comforts in that endeavor. Let’s see where we are going to end up in. In that sense, where the whole world will end up in.