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Switching to coffee

This week seems like a series of posts about switching. Well, at least second one in a row, within a week, after a long pause!

Anyway, I’ve not been big on coffee until probably a few years ago. Coming from a family which was in a way involved with growing tea, we’ve always been tea people. Growing up coffee was used more as for medicinal uses, in case if you were experiencing a stomachache.

But since coffee shops started to become fashionable hangouts in Colombo, I started opting for a coffee instead of a tea, if I was at one of those joints. But still tea remained my main beverage. I never really experienced any caffeine inflicted hyper activity.

But since of late, if I was working late or if I was starting the day after a late night, I’ve been opting for a strong black coffee, to tingle my nerves and get me going. And I’ve noticed the caffeine at work. It’s not instantaneous as I would like it to be, but it works. After a little while my body wakes up and can keep me going for a while. Sometimes longer than I ‘d like it to last (specially at nights, after a cup of two of caffeine I find it harder to fall asleep)

Earlier my beverage of choice when working late used to be green tea. But I find coffee to be far more effective.

But still, I ‘m not an expert on coffee. I still don’t know the difference between an Americano, a cappuccino and a latte! And the coffee that I have been having is instant. But hey, it works for me!