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I have been toying with the idea of creating a blogging application for the Pocket PC / Smartphone devices for sometime. i had done some extensive research on it sometime back, but due to limited time available for coding 4 fun (as I call my experimental coding activities) I had been pushing this idea away. But since I got myself a Windows Mobile phone, this need kept popping up.

My initial reaction was to go back to the applications that I had come across earlier and try them out on the phone. Well the fist one I tried refused to work on my blog unless there was an active Internet connection. This was a major limitation as I did not want to be online while I was writing my post. I know that GPRS/3G usage is charged for the actual traffic, but the downside was an active Internet connection on the phone drained the battery! So that experienced was very shortlived.

Then I did come across several other applications that allowed you to work offline, but I had small issues with them. Some I had issues setting up and running. They had exceptions. Some supported only one blog. I wanted something more as I have a couple of blogs. And I wanted my client application to support all of them without me having to delete and setup when I wanted to switch blogs.

 Also, I still had the urge to develop an application myself. With my involvement in GMobileSync now I was experienced in working with the GData API as well. So I went to work on my Mobile Blogging Application: MoBlogger.

Here are a feature list:

  • Multiple profiles
  • Multiple Blogs within a profile. So if your blogger account has multiple blogs setup, all of them will work!
  • Work Offline – you can work offline and save your posts for uploading later.
  • Supports labels.

Sounds great right? Well yeah… except right now it only supports Blogger! But I am working on supporting multiple blogging platforms! The immediate platforms on the radar are and Windows Live Spaces.

In the mean time if you would like to have a go at it, drop me a mail, I’ll be happy to send you an installation.

I just noticed something by accident. This blog has passed the 20,000 hits milestone! I can’t believe it. I mean, 20,000 odd times my ramblings have been read by other people! Imagine!

I know, it’s not a very big you might say! There are blogs out there which get ten times more hits in a day! But then, I am not a regular blogger. And this blog has no particular theme or a subject area. These are purely my ramblings, written when i felt like it provided I had the time to do so!

What amazes me is this new medium which Internet has made possible. For a normal bloke, with a regular job and a family, this has provided a means to express his views. And no, I do not have to pay and get some ad space on a news paper! Amazing!

Thank you for all those who even visited this blog once! I will continue to write, when I feel like it, when I have the time 🙂