My Mauritian Experience

My visit to Mauritius was uneventful to put it simply. I just went there and did what I supposed to do and came back. Didn’t get a chance to wander around, as I spent almost all my time working.

I was able to over the area that I had to cover on this project in a day and spent another 2 days writing up the spec for it, I spent more than a week understanding the whole project including the parts that our partner company was doing. Then I spent a few days preparing the final documents, formatting them and proof reading them voluntarily, as I had nothing much else to do.

I could have spent this time exploring Mauritius but I didn’t do so for a couple of reasons. First, I didn’t think it would be nice of me to be exploring the place when the others were hard at work. Second, I didn’t feel like exploring all by myself. If Lushi was around I would have been more than happy to wander around with her. But not all by my self.

Then there is nothing much to explore in Mauritius. Coming from Sri Lanka you get plenty of beaches and sea sports over there. So I was not so thrilled about spending time on a beach. There is not much of wild life to speak about there. None I think, I didn’t see any literature promoting wild life tourism. There were not many historically significant places to visit. Nothing spectacular to see.

Work-wise I think the trip was very successful. I clearly defined the scope of the modules that we are to deliver. There were some fancy requirements, but I managed to define them clearly and to bring them within the scope of our existing product. This reduced the amount of work we have to do significantly. The time I spent understanding the whole business process of the customer and out partners product will help significantly when our two products have to be integrated.

Coming on this trip by myself and handling the client and two partner companies that we are working with, one in Mauritius and and the other in Sri Lanka was a good confidence booster for me. Also I think I built a good rapport with your partners, about whom I was skeptical at first will help me in the long run on this project. And to top it all off, I think I worked with some really awesome people, and forged a few friendships that will last a long time. So from a human angle it was a good trip.

I like doing this kind of work. And I would actually do this kind of a job readily of not for the fact that I miss home like crazy when I am away. I missed Lushi and Dinara to the point where I felt like dropping everything and going home. Dinara specially had made some significant progress while I was away. I am now impatient to go back home to them. I just have to hang on a bit more for that!

PS: I wrote this post while waiting for my flight out of Mauritius at teh waiting lounge of the SSR Airport. But since there was no Internet connectivity I could not post it. And I had totally forgotten about it. But in any case I am editing the timestamp to reflect the date it was written