It’s a long weekend

It’s a long week end. And also, the school vacations have started. Avurudu is around the corner. If I was not broke, I would have planned something for the family. But I am just recovering financially from the alms giving. Besides, my wives parents are out. So we are with the kids, playing parents after a long time.

Yesterday, though it was Poya, I was working on and off. Spent sometime finishing up a project that was in the back burner for a while. And have to finish up another proposal. So I can send them out on Monday.

Also, spent sometime setting up the computer. After a recent hard disk swap I’ve been running with the bare minimum software I needed. Setting up a few more nice to have tools on the computer. Also, taking an attempt to exclusively use the SLT broadband connection so I can officially terminate my Lanka Bell broadband connection if the SLT connection works well. My initial experience was a bit sketchy, but I am not sure whether the issues were due to the connection or my old router.

Tomorrow I am hoping to join Pedal Pushers on the Sunday ride. Haven’t ridden for a long time. I think for the whole of this year so far I’ve ridden only twice or thrice. And that is with the group conducting two rides weekly, on Sunday and Wednesday night.

I’ve been working like crazy the past couple of months. And I have to find a way to better organize my day. The way I’ve arranged my work, I’m more or less working round the clock. I need to find a balance and also find some common time with wifee when she is at home. Seems I’m at home, but working when she comes and she’s sleeping when I’m done!

At least this couple of weeks should be better able to manage my time with the kids being at home!


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