Being busy

I’ve been extremely busy the last couple of months, My pretty balanced life has become erratic, I miss my meals, I always feel under pressure, there is always something to get done, and between the regular work and family errands, I am always on the edge as if on a pressure cooker. 

I used to have it pretty balanced. I had time for work, for play, had my meals on time, spent time with family, found time to go cycling was fiddling around with the camera. I loved what I was doing and was looking forward to picking up a hobby in Photography. 

Then, work started piling up, meaning we were getting a lot of work on our plates, and there were a few situations that I needed to handle in order to rescue what I had built thus far. So I dived in, took the reins and am now running at full speed. Adding to that, my kids are growing up and they joined extra curricular activities. My wife changed her line of work and she’s been busier than me ever since. So the whole shuttling the kids for their classes thing fell on my shoulders. And now, I have no time for myself! It’s just work and errands!

I was always pretty big on work life balance. I read about it, I arranged my life around those principles, I turned to freelancing mainly so I can find more balance in my life! But now that balance is off the grid. I need to find it again. And probably it will require some pretty big changes in my life. In the the responsibilities that I’ve taken. Maybe I need to scale back, learn to say ‘no’ more and then be happy with having less!


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