My daughter is in grade 1 this year. And as such she is starting to get home work. That notorious thing we used to hate as kids.

But this time I am at the other end of the fence. As the person who has to face her teacher everyday, I have to answer if she has missed her homework. The weekends are the worst. She usually gets a ton.

I am in the process of sitting down with my daughter to complete her homework for thus weekend. Seems like it’s going to eat up the rest of the morning.

I am also learning the process of getting a 5 year old to sit down in one place and doing her homework when all she wants to do is watch cartoons or play. One think that is working to my advantage is the fact that she missed out doing her homework and she remembers vividly the repercussions. So she is also making an attempt.

I am trying to to find the balance of coaxing and being strict with her. Age is a restless kid by nature. So getting her to sit at a stretch and actually finishing something is a challenge. Can’t blame her either. All this time she was subjected to experiential learning and now she is being introduced into formal learning with a bang.

As a parent I want my kids to have a sound education and for them to do well. But I also want them to enjoy their childhood. And I am also concerned that forcing them to do work against their will would force them to dislike learning.

I guess with time I will find what works best with my kid. But to get there I will have to be patient and learn from her as well. This is going to be an interesting journey!


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