My Windows 7 experience

Back in December last year I wrote about upgrading my old laptop to Windows 7. It originally had Vista home premium on a AMD 64 bit processor. Then I upgraded to Vista 64 bit and my experience was somewhat limited as I could not get all the drivers working on it. My decision to upgrade to Win7 was mainly to overcome the bad Vista64 experience. Somehow with Vista64 bit I always felt as if I was on a test PC.

My initial experience with Win7 was fantastic. It almost found all the drivers. I managed to get the wifi and Internet working. And I set up VS2010 also on it and started coding up a my latest side project on it.

Alas, contrary to all the goo rjinhs I have been hearing about Win7, my laptop developed a random hang syndrome. I would work perfectly for a while and suddenly when I was using the scratch pad the cursor would stop responding. Then to see the whole computer has hung. Also, if the computer has gone in to power saving mode and the attempt to wake up, would also result in an unreponsive computer.

The problem became aggrevated when I installed InputDirector in slave mode to control the computer with my keyboard and mouse attached to my daily use laptop. Thinking it was InputDirector I got rid if the program on both my laptops (what’s the point of running the maste when there is no slave?). But the problem still persisted. I tried the route of elimination to try to figutlre out what is causing the problem, by uninstalling one program after another but so far I have had no luck. The random hang syndrome is still there. I have hardly had a full days use on it without it hanging on me.

The write part is the windows event logs also have nothing logged to point me towards what the issue could be. I ran memory diagnostics tools from Microsoft website thinking it is my memory, but the tests came out all right.

Now I moved my personal project also to my main laptop as I have lost quite a bit of work due to this problem.

The reliability of Windows 7 on my Acer has been pretty bad. I sincerely hope te issue is some hardware issue with my laptop. I am disspointed that I have not been experiencing the rave reviews that I have been reading up about Win7.


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