Today is a significant day for Sri Lanka. Our gallant security foces have defeated the terrosirt forces that had plagues this country for over 25 years and finally united all parts of the country. We will no longer have a civial war in our land. At most it will be a sporadic gurilla war. But that should be a walk in the park for our forces.

The western world has had a different take on what is going on here. They referred to the terrorists as equals to the legitimate army of our country. But these same terrorists were a banned terrorist organization in their countries. When the US forces killed hundreds of civilians in Afganisthan in air attacks they were termed mistakes that they will TRY to avoid in the future and wer justified saying they were being used as human shields by Taliban. But when the terrorists were keeping civilians as a human shields in Sri Lanka, our army was asked to cease fighting. They gave credibility to news reports orgonTed by the terrorists and acted upon them while ignoring official statements from our government. All in all they actwd quite funny as if they did not want the terrorists to be defeated. When the western world led by the USA is fighting a war on terror in places like Iraq and Afganisthan because of the threat of terrorism to their countries and were not considering negotiations even as an option, they were telling us to not to fight the terrorists. It is as if there are good terrorists and bad terrorists. Maybe there are terrorists that are useful to them and those who are fighting them. But a terrorist is a terrorist.

Maybe it is because they do not want any other nation in the world to win a war on terror because they, with all their guns and fire power had not been able to win their war! Maybe that is the reason.

would the the same people who were preaching us on how to deal with our internal terrorist issue listen to the same advice when it was given to them when they were waging war in Iraq and Afganisthan or when Israel was waging war in the Gaza strip? As the saying goes “those who preach without following what they preach are similar to the sinners who preach”. Dear preachers, hands off Sri Lank. Let us savour our victory over terrorism.


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