I am now a full time freelancer

I have taken the plunge. And this post comes one month late. Since the start of April 2009, I am a full time freelancer and an entrepreneur. I made the decision and moved ahead with it. Severed all my strings with the cubicle nation and started in the environments of home sweet home. I felt the fear, but did it anyways (that phrase sounds strangely familiar)

And I have been feeling better than I felt for a long time. I felt peacefulness that i had not felt for a long time. All the stress I had boiling inside me just vanished. I had to drag myself to work some times during the past few months and all that pressure evaporated.

Now I work the hours that I am comfortable (honestly I work far more hours, but I do it joyously), I spend quite a bit more time with my family (my daughter is thrilled that both her parents are at home), cut down time spent in commute, am doing projects that I want to do, learning new technologies every day and actually enjoying the work the that I am doing.

And there is no chance of this work getting bored as the projects that you do as a freelancer tend to be more short term and you are constantly working on new projects. This is a major departure from my last gig, where I was maintaining and developing an old system built on deprecated technology.

The transition had its own set of complications. I was moving from a salaried position to becoming a freelancer which meant that my income was going to vary from being the fixed income to a variable income. This was a major decision to make as I have fixed expenses due to debts apart from day to today expenses. But I had this major confidence that I would be able to earn the minimum that was needed to sustain our family and the first month has been successful in that regard.

Secondly, I was looking at the upside more. As a salaried employee my income was more or less FIXED. But as a freelancer and an entrepreneur the upside is unlimited! I read somewhere that a risk assessment should concentrate more on the potential upside and not the potential downside! And if you see your cup as half full, you know what I mean.

Thirdly, I wanted to always try my hand at starting a business. I have attempted this as a side project a few times, but the conflict of interests and work commitments kept me giving such a project the true effort needed in one. Being a freelancer is in a way, you doing your own business. And it gives me the opportunity to build a company around the services that I offer, do it in a more expanded manner that goes beyond a

single person. So I am finally giving wings to my dreams!

Hopefully, this will enable me to blog more often, do things that I truly enjoy doing, work the hours that I want, spend more time with my family, reduce my carbon footprint (no daily commute for me), exercise more, create more value and earn far more than I DID!

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  1. Hey, you gave me positive thoughts about Freelancing as I am middle of the thinking. The great fear is the steady income 🙂

  2. Hey Chandana,

    With your profile it should be a breeze to switch to freelancing. You have a stellar profile, with your MVP status and your skills, you should find it easy to land some exiting projects.

    Try moonlighting first. That will give you a sign of the flow of things.


  3. Thanushka

    Hi Mr.Sampath,

    Good luck on your move to become an employee to self entrepreneur (may be employer :)). Sorry for the late comment, but I saw Ur profile today.

    I’m a recently (2009) passed out graduate from University of Moratuwa and my dream is also to start a my own IT firm one day and I was thrilled when saw this post. As far as I know it’ll take lot of guts for a person to move from the job being done and start his own business. My grated fear was how I can find some projects :P.

    Anyway good luck and all the best.


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