I am a father, again

This is a very quick note to record the birth of our baby boy on the 15th of March. He was born early in the morning and by the looks of it seems like he is a pretty active kid.

Both Lushi and the kid are doing great. Lushi has not had a full nights sleep since he was born as he keeps waking up throughout the night and needs to be fed.

Dinara, our elder daughter has instantly taken up the ‘malli’ under her wings. She talks to malli all the time standing beside his cot. Whenever someone comes to see him it is her who takes them into the crib wanting to show malli. I think she is a little bit upset that malli doesn’t come to play with her and wants malli to grow up fast!

With double the responsibilities, honestly I haven’t discharged them as well as I would have liked. The changes on my professional life are keeping me pretty busy and I seem to be preoccupied.

But the changes are going to be good in a way that at least for a month I get to work from home starting April and that gives our little family a chance to be together most of the time.

With the arrival of this baby I had a pretty strange feeling of completeness. It is not as if I had been missing something and now that it was fulfilled. I was never feeling as if I was missing something. But this is completely new feeling that came in, not to fill a gap or a void, but a new one all together.

I think the work is just beginning. Now the task on us is to nurture them to become good citizens in this world, to educate them and to keep them safe!

  1. Damitha


  2. OMG Congratulations!! 🙂

  3. SS

    Great Congrats. Becoming a father of a healthy child is a blessing. I went through your text to feel how a man really feels when he become a father. I too am a father but I never felt the same way you as you felt because my son is having a genetical disorder by birth.
    You could imagine the difference. I always pray that noone on this earth should experience what I experience. (Does not mean that I love my Son, I love him as same as or may be more because he might not enjoy his life as free as ourlives).

    May the noble triple gems bless you and your family.

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