Moving on his own

Today my beloved BIL is moving to a house on his own. We all used to live in one big house and it was a lot of fun! I was getting used to living in a large family. And our daughter Dinara adores him.

But he has a very important exam coming up and the environment at the house was not one that was very productive for him to study. He just came back after spending 6 years on his own in Latvia and I think he prefers a not so crowded place to effectively study. And also a place that will save a lot of time he spends commuting from Wattala.

So he is moving to his own place in Colombo. We are going to miss him quite a bit. I am going to miss having him around to discuss the latest gadgets and software. Though he is trained to be a doctor he is pretty much a geek as well.

I think the person who would miss him most will be Dinara. Since he is one of her favourite persons, she will miss having him coming home in the evenings.

The whole process of him moving on his own kind of triggered a hidden streak in me also to move on our own. This was something that me and my wife discussed sometime back, but ended up putting it off with the expected arrival of the new baby in March. We didn’t want to leave the support net provided by her parents in looking after the kid, and specially with the new arrival we would need more help.

Anyway, we thought it would be good for Dinara to be with her grand-parents during the time we are at work rather than leaving her at some day care or with a care taker. She would never get the attention or the love she is currently getting from her grand parents and from Rupa, our ever faithful domestic!

But at some point we would have to consider moving on our own. Probably when Dinara starts schooling. But until such time, we would stick to the serviced apartment at my in laws!

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