Watching a child grow

We are experiencing an interesting time these days. Our little girl is starting to speak English and has come to a stage where she is picking up everything that is being said around her. She also seems to understand the meaning of what has been said. Accordingly, she has also learned to express her desires and needs in English.

It is amazing to see how fast children pick up what is going around them. They do all of this naturally without any concept of learning. When you grow, you tend to think about the concept of learning more and more. In your younger days learning comes to you naturally.

I remember when I was doing my Ordinary Level exams, I had a major dileama on the concept of learning. When my parents were telling me to study, I had no idea what studying was. I just kept reading my notes, sometimes without much of an effect.

Anyway, now I am enticed and thrilled at the opportunity to watch my daughter learn to speak. It is amazing to watch a child learn and grow!


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