moBlog is multi-lingual

Something I noticed. There are quite a few Chinese and Japansese blog posts which have been posted using moBlog. To be honest, I never tested moBlog in any other language other than with default English. But I guess if you cahnge your Windows Mobile’s language to any other language, you can use moBlog to post to your blog in that language! Brilliant! One minor defect though. Your moBlog user interface will still be in English!


  1. Mark


    I have downloaded and installed moblog onto my hp ipaq 4350 which is PPC 2003. Yet, the app will not work. I keep getting an ‘invalid operation exception’.

    I have a sneaky suspicion that it’s the os. I have net NET CF2 on the SD card. I wonder if something’s blocking it.

    Anyway, if you want the error details I can send screen shots of the error.


  2. Andrew Mok

    How to set up a profile for typepad? I found typepad is not on the list. Please advice!

  3. Jan

    I just installed your application. Works great! Also, German umlauts like ä, ö, ü work perfect, even though it’s an English program! Great job!

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