What will be the future mobile platform? Where should I put my money?

The mobile platform war seems to be heating up. So far, the dominant player was Symbian. But there are quite a few challengers to Symbians dominance. MS’s Windows Mobile is now a force to be reckon with. They are getting quite a good market share on the higher end smartphone segment.

Google is trying to grab their share of the pie with Open Handset Alliance and Android. There is LiMo, which is challenging Google and the established rest of established players as well. Then there is Apple with its phenomenal iPhone.

There in lies my problem. For quite sometime I have been convinced that mobiles are the future. I mean even if you just compare the numbers, there are far too many mobiles than computers. And apparently around 14 mobiles are sold in the world every minute. That means its growing.

The carriers also are now concentrating more on revenue from data and hence are promoting applications that will entice users to use more and more mobile applications. So if you are into software and are looking for new ideas, then mobiles are the way to go.

Most of the mobile platforms that are in use today are either proprietary or are Symbian based. Which makes my .NETCF skills more of a niche. Therefore I kind of figured that if I ever seriously consider developing a mobile application that has mass market appeal, I need to master Symbian (as of now). But with the emergence of all these new mobile platforms, is it the way to go?

What I would really like to see is MS making their WM platform open source, and then it becoming the defacto standard. That will push my .NETCF skills from being niche to mainstream. But that seems very unlikely, specially it is highly unlikely that they will make their OS open-source and secondly, even if they did….

But one thing is certain. I need to brush up my Java skills! Be it Android, Symbian or Limo, the common thing they share is the ability to write programs for them using Java! Man how I wish it was C# instead!


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