Changing careers

I changed jobs! Well it’s a bit more than changing just the job, I kind of changed careers. I was working as a Project Manager for a little over 4 years now. I have had many wonderful experiences as a PM as well as a few experiences are not so fond memories. But the thing was I was getting a bit too used to the routine of being a PM. If there is anything that I hate, that is routine.

So I took up a job as an IT manager for a company whose primary business is not IT! That is a change for me since my last two jobs were in IT companies. And I was more or less involved in technical aspects of the job and I wanted to move on to more operational role. That I got and I took up the responsibility.

There was somewhat of a hesitation in the decision process. Since I was in a permanent job and had a few financial obligations such as a mortgage and a lease, getting on board in a start up operation and taking up the challenge of setting up the operation involved a bit of thinking on my part. But eventually I decided to take it up as it matched my career aspirations.

To be honest I am more of a generalist. I am not someone who likes togo very deep into technologies. I like to keep pace with the developments on the technological front, but not so much into the level of nuts and bolts. So this new opening that came my way paved a path for me to take up a more general path.

Let’s see what the future holds!



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