A little bit on the personal side

Lately, all my blogging had been related to moBlog. This blog was supposed to be my personal blog, but for the past month or so, it was more like the official blog of moBlog. It’s time to re-claim my blog! I am thinking about getting moBlog its own blog!

Anyways, on the personal side, the past few weeks been a bit hectic with work. Been spending quite a lot of time at client sites. A lot of my projects have come to the implementation stages, so there’s a bit of running around to do.

Lushi has been having a hectic time too. She seems to be getting landed with a lot of work, some of which I feel are outside her scope of work. But then, that’s what you get when you prove your capability! So goes the saying, if you want something done, give it to the busiest person! That’s exactly what’s been happening on her work front.

Little Dinara is amazing. She has started to walk and she just can’t seem to get enough of it. As much as it is an exercise to all the rest of us, she doesn’t seem to be getting fed up of walking and running about. The thing is, she is so fast and agile, it is very difficult to keep up with her.

My week days has been a bit hectic and that has resulted in the time spent with Lushi and Dinara coming to a minimum. I am trying to carve out some time exclusively for them, and more than that, to spend the little time spent with them, completely on them. I know I still have not perfected this art, but that’s what I am trying to get to. Quality over Quantity!

Other than that, I have had this craze to buy a Ford Capri MK1. Went and saw one, seems to be in a pretty good condition but the price is absurd. Then there is one which seems to be of a reasonable price, but it is minus its wheels. Now I know I wont find a Capri for the price I have in mind which is in perfect condition. I am still trying to make up my mind whether I want to wrestle with an old car. I like the idea of getting an old car. I just dont like the idea of spending my tille free time in garages!


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