moBlog 2.1.2 released

moBlog has had a pretty good ride. There has been about 1000 downloads of both Pocket PC and Smartphone versions.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I fixed the issues and performed a limited testing. By limited what I meant was the PPC version was tested on a device, but the Smartphone version was only tested on the emulator.

So if you want to test the new and improved moBlog, please download the required versions from the links in this page.

Posted from moBlog – mobile blogging tool for Windows Mobile

  1. Great app! One request is to support the tap and hold pop up menu in the app. I tend to compose my blog posts in a text based program (or even simply copying a template) and pasting in the blogging client to post. Right now, when creating the new post, I can’t paste in it.

    Also, I would like to be able to tap html coding formatting in the post directly so that I don’t have to manually type in all the character and codes. I would like something similar to DragonEdit where I can tap on a button and the desired coding or formatting is there.

    Also, someone also mentioned that it would be nice to not have the “posted from moBlog…” blurb at the end of the post. I couldn’t find an option to remove it either.


  2. Richard Warriner

    I would also like the option to remove the comment at the bottom. I understand that its a good advert for the software. I would be happy to make a donation to get a version without it.

  3. Does this support WordPress blogs? If so, what url is it asking for in the profiles? Ive tried the root directory of my blog, the wp-login.php, and xmlrpc.php, all giving me the “There was an Error” error when trying to “Retrieve B…” I must have done something wrong to set it up, but I don’t see how, its a straightforward setup.

    Thanks for the work on the app though, it looks like it would rock if I could get it to work.

  4. Ok, I found the help page, but it didn’t help me. I still get “There was an Error” when entering the URI for the wp-login.php file. I can use blogging software from my desktop with this blog just fine, and this is the first blogging software for my PDA that I could even get started, so I dont know if there is a problem with my blog or the app.

    Oh, another question, any thought of releasing the source code at any point? Maybe an SVN?

  5. Help page here for those looking:

    Greg, try entering:

    in the Blog Login Page URL field.

  6. One more thing, in the blogs and blog postings, Sampath mentions emailing him or contacting him but I can’t find any reference to any email address or even a contact form.

    So, I am requesting that if you wish others to contact you to please offer a way or means to do so. Leaving coments without any replies isn’t helping us. Thanks.

  7. Hi All,

    Thanks for all the comments. Sorry for the delay in responding to your questions.It was a mad week.

    Actually I get your comments to my inbox. So I will respond to them directly when time permits. I just dont want to publish my email due to the fear of spammers.

    To answer the question, yes the application is looking for the xmlrpc end point. But what I am doing is I add the xmlrpc.php in the code. So when i ask for the login url (, I take upto and add in xmlrpc.php in the code. This was done to make life easier for non techie users. Guess this info will help you figure out what needs to be done.


  8. Ok, scratch all that, it was my mistake, I got it working. I had the wrong TLD lol, stupid mistake, all works fine now.

  9. Ivan

    would be nice to automatically add gps coordinates 🙂


  10. Thanks for responding. Rather than provide your email address, why not add in a contact from? That way, it only goes to you and no one needs to know your email address. There are many contact form plugins. I use Doug Karr’s contact form plugin that deters spammers by asking a question.

  11. It would be really great to have support for BlogEngine.NET. Since there’s a metablog api it shouldn’t be too difficult. Let me know if there are any plans for this. Awesome job and thanks.

    Also, do you have plans to release the source?

  12. Had a quick play with the app and it looks very neat.

    One small comment – the dash in the footer line appended to posts can look a bit broken in some blogs.

    “Posted from moBlog – mobile blogging tool for Windows Mobile”

    Instead of using the hyphen character, if you used the HTML character code for hyphen, this would save me having to go back and edit the posts manually to fix the hyphen character.

    A minor quibble in an otherwise cool tool – thanks for sharing.

  13. RE: the request above to add the tap-and-hold menu

    The code to add the default Windows Mobile Cut/Copy/Paste/Clear/Select-All context menu to all text boxes in a form is trivial – only a half-dozen or so lines of code. I’d be happy to send you the code to do this if you would like.

  14. the photoblog fitur is great,
    it’s just that sometimes we need to post a thumbnail that link to original image.
    can it be possible to edit posting tag as needed?
    i try using it doesn’t work.
    i can use under div tag, but still, I need a hyperlink to the original image.


  15. Liam

    I am using the new WordPress 2.5 on my webserver. Problem is, that now when trying my url to the login (for example) it doesnt retrieve my blogs. Just gives an error “There was an error”..
    Thanks for any help.

  16. Nice app and it works with WP 2.5 for me 😉
    Liam, have you entered all the information in your profile?

  17. I am getting “There was an error” when trying to set up a new profile for wordpress. One thing I noticed is that it is NOT SAVING MY ENTIRE LOGIN POST. Why is that? the address is

    This app seems like a God-send if I can get it to work. I have been pulling my hair out looking for ways to post mobile with WP 2.5.

  18. are you ever going to reply to Liam’s problem? i am having the same problem. i would love to use your app. It looks like all I need and more. Thanks.

  19. Liam

    My problem just mysteriously went away. not sure what happened.

  20. Hi Dale,

    Yes, please do send me the code. I will be happy to incorporate that functionality.

    Liam, Nate, seems like an issue with either your WP installation or the network connectivity from your device. Mostly, it could be a connectivity issue. Check whether you can browse the same url from your devices IE.

    Guys, I am working on a new release of moBlog. Not much of major changes, but a few tweaks and fixes. Happy moBlog(ing)!


  21. There is a good description here:

    In short, you just need to add:

    using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

    private static extern int SHInitExtraControls();

    private static extern IntPtr CreateWindowEx(
    uint dwExStyle,
    string lpClassName,
    string lpWindowName,
    uint dwStyle,
    int x,
    int y,
    int nWidth,
    int nHeight,
    IntPtr hWndParent,
    IntPtr hMenu,
    IntPtr hInstance,
    IntPtr lpParam);

    private static readonly string WC_SIPPREF = “SIPPREF”;
    private static readonly uint WS_CHILD = 0x40000000;

    protected override void OnLoad()
    // Initialise the extra controls library

    // Create our SIPPREF control which will enumerate all existing
    // controls created by the InitializeControl() call.
    IntPtr hWnd = CreateWindowEx(0, WC_SIPPREF, “”, WS_CHILD,
    0, 0, 0, 0, this.Handle, IntPtr.Zero, IntPtr.Zero, IntPtr.Zero);

    Looking forward to the new release,


  22. Ok, i’ve got some problems.
    In About screen you can close it only if you press ok at the top corner, but the bottom close button does not work.

    After opening my keyboard (Qtek 9100) and writing more then the area you write in – it does not auto scroll and I cant see, what I’m typing.

    I don’t like the way it promotes. I like it and I’m willing to tell that I’m using it. After my first posts with it, now I’m writing a post for my country bloggers so they can find some info about this tool, but hell, I dont like that it ads his ad at the bottom of the entry.

  23. Thanks for the comments.

    I will look into the close button not closing the form. As for auto scroll, I’m afraid its a limitation on the control that I am using on .NETCF. It simply does not give a function like that.

    I am working on a new release. In that I have removed the pingback to my blog. I got the idea from a Twitter client that I was using and thought that it was a good way to promote the app. But it has become a pain to my blog as well. So I am getting rid of it!

  24. Dont worry, it’s a great app and users are promoting it as well 🙂 Like me – some of my friends are using it already.

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