Testing moBlog for Smartphones with WordPress.com

This post is to test the latest enhancements for moBlog for Smartphone with wordpress.com.

These enhancements came about as a result of listening to user feedback. Though moBlog only has a small user base, they have been pretty active in using the application, suggesting improvements and finding bugs, all of which would not have been possible, specially with the Smartphone version as I do not own an actual device.

I was earlier paranoid about releasing the software as I had not tested it on an actual device. But after reading “Getting Real” by 37Signals and also due to the limitation of me not owning a Smartphone device I was compelled to release it only after testing it on the emulator. And the user community has been wonderful in reporting issues and suggesting improvements for the application after test driving it in various devices.

Thank you Nick, Pat and all the others for finding bugs and suggesting improvements. Please do keep on sending your suggestions.

Let’s make moBlog THE mobile blogging software for Windows Mobile!

Posted from moBlog – mobile blogging tool for Windows Mobile


  1. are there are any web services that used in this application that provided by the moBlog ?

    How to find the full prototype of that apis ?

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