moBlog for Smartphones released!

There were several requests for a Smart Phone version of moBlog. Since the original moBlog application was designed for the Pocket PC’s form factor and it had used a few PPC controls, it was not working on Smartphones. And I heard your requests for a smartphone edition of moBlog and today I am happy to announce the release of the moBlog Smpartphone Edition!

I know this release was a little bit behind the PPC editions, but the reason was that I did not want to release a stripped down edition for the Smartphones. This released edition supports all the features of the moBlog including support for embedding images for blog posts!

So those of you who were using smartphones, go ahead, give it a spin and let me know what you think.

Get moBlog for Smartphones here

  1. Great work on the program, just need to let you know about a little caveat on the Smartphone platform.

    Some smartphones with built in keyboards like the HTC Cavalier and VOX are not entering the proper keys ie. press E on the keyboard gives a 1 regardless of what the current entry mode setting is.

    Not sure if it’s a bug with the keyboard driver from HTC or the Compact Framework, but anyway there IS a workaround.

    You need to make all your text input boxes for your smartphone version as MULTILINE textboxes, cause when entering text in multiline mode, the input mode works perfectly. It’s extremely annoying but luckily it works.

  2. Just doesnt work for me. I’m using a Motorola Q9h Smartphone. (landscape).

    Program starts fine.
    Found the profile I added when I tried the PPC version.

    On the Profile Page….the Blog Page doesnt save.

    When I enter NEW POST…I can get into The title or tags fields. But once I am in the categories box…I cant navigate out of it…only within it.

    The categories field is off the screen at the bottom…the screen doesnt scroll….

    So I go to the Body….
    When I insert Image…it should return after I select the image, no? I have to hit EXIT when done selecting.
    Can you replace the EXIT button with CANCEL and have the SELECT button select and exit as well.

    If I go directly to the body upon new post…I am in the selected text box….but if I go back and forth from header to body…I cant get anywhere other than the categories. If I insert a photo…I cant navigate to the body text box again to type more.

    I have to save before I delete. Shouldnt there be a cancel button somewhere?

    I can hit the back button….but if I didnt mean to…I will lose and changes I made to that post. (If I were able to)

  3. Hi,

    Marauderz, I will release a new version for the Smartphones with all fields marked as multiple entry text boxes. Since I tested this only on an emulator (I don’t have a smartphone) I didn’t face this issue. Thank you for pointing it out for me.

    Nick, again, I didn’t face this issue with the emulator. I will take a re-look and let you know.


  4. nick cornaglia

    any updates?

  5. Hi,
    I like the way you are performing your work .. Its really amazing .. The topic is really brilliant and the way you have discussed is really fantastic!

  6. Thanks ‘Apple News’ for the encouraging response.

    It is such responses that keep me going!

  7. The text box input problem described by Mauraudez caused by a messed up IME implementation on some HTC phones: Cavalier, Morgul, SMT 5800. There are ROM updates from HTC for each phone model which fix that keyboard problem. There is nothing a developper can do about it. This problem is discussed about in MSDN forums and XDA developer forums.

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