moBlog 2.1.1 released

moBlog 2.1.0 had an error when you were trying to setup a profile for your account. This was due to a careless error on my part. Thanks so much to Hans and Pat who pointed out the error to me. I have now fixed it and have released version 2.1.1.

Enjoy moBlog with photo blogging support!

  1. Alvi

    Hey Sampath,

    Thanks for great tool but with me its bit porblem while using moblog ver 2.1.1
    I am using

    I can successfully post blogs without any images, but whenever i insert any image it gives me error

    “there was an error”

    Im using WM6
    Blog site :

    Could you check why its .. fix it

  2. Hi,
    I just tested again to see. But did not come across any issues. There are two issues I can think of.

    1. Check whether your device had an active Internet connection when you tried to post.
    2. Blogger stores the photos in Picasa Web Albums. I thought the Picasa account was automatically created for Blogger. But I could be wrong. Please ensure that you have a Picasa account for your Google (Blogger) account.

    Let me know if you still have issues.

  3. Alvi

    Dear Sampath

    one more thing I forgot to tell you that… even preview of the new post is complete blank.. I can’t see any text or image if i am posting with image

    There is active internet connection, as I can post just text without any problems

    I m not sure about picasa account.. I need to check that out..



  4. Alvi

    Hi Sampath,
    Alvi Again..

    It just worked fine, when I uninstalled and installed the moblog on my HTC Tytn…

    Its posting the with images now [no errors]

    but there are 2 issues

    1) preview in moblogger is blank
    2) Images on the doesn’t load ? Check your blog @ blogger

    Is there any way to fix it?


  5. Hi Alvi,

    Yes that is strange. I will definitely look into that. But check the test bog for moBlog:

    That works perfectly for photo blogging.


  6. I also noticed that if I opened the post to edit on blogger, it loads the image to the editor window. I dont think it is an error with how the image is posted. I think something is weird with blogger.

  7. Alvi

    Hi Sampath,

    I found whatz the problem…

    Its because of custom domain setting… in

    thats why you dont have problem with

    If you find the solution for this.. please email me


  8. Pat

    I too still am unable to create a profile. When I click on “Retrieve Blogs” I get a popup “There was an error”.

    I too have a custom domain – that is my blogger account points to a domain name.

    I do appreciate all of your creativity and hard work in coming up with this tool. Great job!

  9. Hi Pat,

    I tested the solution with a custom domain on Blogger as well.

    Just to confirm,
    1. Are you entering your full email address with part as well?
    2. Are you sure there is an active Internet connection when you try to retrieve blogs?
    3. Does your connection go through a proxy and if so have you configured the proxy settings?

    Please let me know. I will take a look at the programs over the weekend.


  10. Pat

    Thank you Sampath. I did try it again with (I had been trying it both ways), and it is still error-ing out. There is no proxy. I have a Samsung i760 from Verizon Wireless, and I browse the web all the time without using a proxy. Thanks again!

  11. Dhanesh

    Hi Sampath,

    Just tried moBlog and found the configurability really cool but really would like to see a copy and paste feature if you have the time or wouldn’t mind releasing the source code for us.



  12. Trevon

    Having the same problem…. Unable to create a profile using blogger. Can anyone help me please?

  13. hi there. love the program. but was not able to create theprofile for wordpress on the custom domain.
    tThis is what I hv done.

    1. Pointed d login url to my site wp-login.php
    2. Activated my xml-rpc.

    not sure what is needed. Thxin advance.

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