What’s next for moBlog?

I have been thinking about what to do next with moBlog. Since the initial release and the subsequent bug fixed version, I have been thinking about where I wanted to take moBlog.

There have been a particular feature request from the those who gave it a try. It is to enable support for posting images to their blogs. Since most of the devices come equipped with a camera this makes perfect sense as it will be great to post those pictures that you capture from your phone. Actually it was something that I also thought of doing, even initially, but differed as I wanted to get the application out as soon as possible. So it is definitely at the top of planned features list.

I have a few other features that I wanted to incorporate as well. If you have used moBlog with WordPress or Livespaces you would have noticed that moBlog currently does not support tags (or labels) for that. Tags are only supported for Blogger posts. This is because I could not figure out, at least with the client code I was using for MetaWebLog API, how to pass the Tags to the API. So this is something I want to incorporate on to a next version: option to tag wordpress/livespaces posts.

Currently moBlog is a .NET Compact Framework application. This deprives all those non Windows Mobile device users of the option to use a great mobile blogging application (do you notice me blowing my own horn here??). So I was thinking about hacking out a moBlog J2ME version as well! Now that is easier said than being done as I have not coded Java in a long long time, let alone tackle the intricacies of J2ME as well. But I think that will be a pretty good challenge for me to get on to a bit of Java coding. I am hoping that coding on Java has become as easy as it is to code on .NET. After all, Java lobby kept on saying that C# was a copy of Java, so I am hoping that those similarities will work in favor for me, coming from a C# background.

But what I actually do next will more or less depend on the user feedback that I get over the next couple of days. Either way, I think an enhanced version for WM with option to upload images will come out way before any J2ME  version sees the light of the day.  But if the demand for a J2ME version out weighs the enhancements for the WM version, I might consider dedicating my time on to that. What do you say?

  1. Hello:
    Like the idea of your app…but it doesnt work on WM Smartphones….well at least not mine. (Moto Q9h)

    I was able to enter in my credentials…but when I go to create a new post…I get a fatal exception.

    Looking at the details, I believe it’s because you are calling PPC form controls that are not on the Smartphone?

    Either way…I’m hoping you make a SP version before a Java verssion as PPCs get all the good apps and Smartphones get bumpped off. 😀

  2. Dhiller

    Hi, I found the same problem within my Treo 500v. I hope you support soon the SP sytems

  3. Hi,

    Please accept my apologies for not testing the solution on the Smartphones. The issue is with the Tab Control which I had used on the Post Window. I will re-structure moBlog to work on Smartphone and will release an updated version ASAP. Please watch this blog for the announcement and give it a spin when the next version is released.

    Thank you very much for your feedback. It is much appreciated.


  4. RichieB

    A J2ME version of moBlog would be great! I don’t know exactly how far Java capable phones outnumber Windows Mobile phones, but it should be several orders of magnitude. 🙂

    Personally I’m searching on how to post images from a SonyEricsson phone to wordpress.

  5. Hey, great software, as you suggested camera integration would just be perfect.

    But i’ve noticed that when in Landscape, the ui doesn’t take up all the allowed space, it’s not a show stopper but definitely a little annoying.

  6. slimt

    Great software – I have been using it for last few days – its just mind blowing. I think it will go to great heights if the following (as of now) are incorporated.
    1. a way to synchronize latest blogs for the profile the blogs are published
    2. a way to edit the existing blogs for the profile configured
    3. anyway you can collaborate with the pocketcm guys to make pocketcm the default editor for the blogs and bundle the two solutions together. seriousely, blogging without the right keyboard will be just horrible experience on the pocket pc. http://www.pocketcm.com/keyboard2.php
    4. A huge enhancement would be to integrate pictures in the blog from a scrolling list provided via a special button..

    Hope all these make sense.

    Thanks again for this great piece of software.

  7. Hi Ruxton,

    I will definitely look into re sizing the forms when in different modes. Right now the application form elements have fixed widths!

    I am currently working on the including photos with your blog posts so you can photo blog direct from your phones!


  8. Hi Slimt,

    Thanks for the nice comments. I will look into all those points you have raised.

    Just one point though, I intentionally omitted the option to edit existing blog posts as I thought saving them locally would eat up the memory. So instead of saving existing posts locally, what I will do is introduce an option to retrieve an already published post (from a list) and then allow it to be edited and published again. How will that sound?


  9. as long as it edits the SAME post and doesnt repost another entry. Though…saving on storage card is always an option!

  10. Keefer

    Small glitch: If you are originating a post, then you attempt to upload but have an error (no connection in this case, probably with any other error, though), then you attempt to “save”, the post will not save.

    Save as Draft works, but not regular save. This only seems to happen upon originally drafting a post and only after an upload error.

    Tested several different ways and came up with save as draft working in all cases. What’s the difference between the two saves, anyway?

    Also, in the next version, it would be great to be able to specify where the data saves to, or to just save data to the program directory where the application was installed. I have mine installed on my microSD card but data stores on my device.

    Great piece of software overall though!

  11. Keefer

    One more: when the UI is horizontal, the column widths in the open dialog won’t adjust, but will when in normal vertical UI.

  12. Keefer

    Also…. the “Insert Image” dialog will only allow you to reference files on the device and not on a memory card.

  13. Keefer

    One more… Clipboard data integration would be awesome.

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