It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I posted last on this blog. Ever since I returned from my last overseas assignment things have been a bit of a mad rush. There were so many things that I had to play catch up on, I spent a few weeks just getting my life back in order. I think my work life still has not returned to normalcy.

Well, out of the significant events that happened since then the most significant has to be Dinara’s first birthday. We couldn’t just let the day pass by, though she did not understand a thing that was going on around her. We had a alms giving to a children’s home which had some 40 odd girls. We did not make a scene out of the fact that it was due to a birthday celebration because we thought that would make those kids sad!

Then we had a small party at our place. We knew that some people were going to turn up anyway, so we invited a few more. Then it turned out to be a bigger crowd than we expected! You know when you invite some, there are still some others that you have to invite. If you don’t you end up hurting their feelings and probably them holding a grudge against you for the rest of their lives!

Well, Dinara didn’t know what to make out of the fuss that everybody was making of her. She was feeling very sleepy and fell asleep just as the party was kicking off. We had to wake her up for the birthday cake. And as soon as the cake was cut, she went back to sleep and slept throughout the whole duration of the party! It was good in a way as she was kind of left alone because of the fact that she was asleep. Also, it gave us a bit of a breather to socialize with the guests.

I think Lushi was more exited about the party than anybody else. If it wasn’t for her, it wouldn’t have been much of a party. If it was any success, the credit should go to Lushi, the two amma’s and thaththa. Also for Sujee and everybody else who helped.

As for the rest of the things, well work is kind of getting hectic. My plans have gone a haywire a bit and am trying to get things on track.

Lushi is a bit stressed out as well. She is buried with work and whole lot of changes that are taking place at her workplace. Hey darling, take things lightly! And remember I am there for you, always!

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