Overseas assignment – Tanzania

I am leaving for Tanzania for a company assignment tonight. I didn’t plan on going away so soon, just 3 weeks after my return from Mauritius, but I was compelled to go. Had no choice. Guess it is one of the downsides of working for a corporate entity. You are not entirely free to choose your schedules.

Anyway, my mission is to conduct a training for a government agency in Tanzania that is running some of our software. We commissioned the system a little over an year ago and they have not used the system properly since. Also the key people whom we trained at the time of the training have left that organization and now they require a fresh training from the scratch for them to effectively start using the system.

My company also wants me to engage in some business development tasks to make our existing contacts in Tanzania stronger. So I am going for dual purposes. I am comfortable in doing the training, I am conducting a training after a long long time. And it is the first time I am going on a business development mission and all by myself at that! I have tagged along the Business Development managers when they were going to meet clients as a techie to answer any technical questions. But I have never done a business development meeting on my own. Having said that, deep inside I am kind of looking forward to that experience as it will be a totally new experience for me!

Well, I guess this trip also will also be confined to work. Since I have been to Tanzania once before and since I am on my own this time I am not planning on doing any wild life safaris. I’ve seen it once and that is enough. I am not so keen to do that trip another time. Maybe the only thing that I might do is, if possible I will make a visit to Zanzibar, as it was a place we missed on our last trip. Other than that, I am looking forward to coming home at the end of the week!

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