Getting robbed

Yesterday was a heart-breaking day. Some junkies had broken into our ancestral home which had been closed down for some time. They had broken down a door and entered the house. As the house was empty, they have removed all the brass fittings from the windows.

It was heart-breaking to see the house being violated like that. That house has a lot of memories of us growing up and going through the ups and downs and of our younger days, when my father was around. It was specially hard for my mother. She always wanted to go back to live in that house. It broke her heart to see the house vacant and in a neglected state, and now seeing it being broken into was even harder.

You feel violated when you are robbed. Part of it stems from the fact that you are helpless. The Police was not much of a help either. Their main question was why we kept the house closed. And their advice was to give it out on rent fast. They were clearly not interested in finding the culprits. Maybe this was a too small for them to spend their time on.

When such an incident occurs you tend to questions your Karma. When you live your life without causing harm to others, why are others causing harm to you? It is because of something that you have done in one of your previous births. That maybe the easiest explanation to give, but it doesn’t cut out for me. It has to be some in-congruence on in the way you live.


  1. dnt worry…as everybody says its all for good…its indeed sad but it atleats helps you to value the things you have at this moment even more! so just dnt worry

  2. Sorry to hear about the incident. My car got broken into a couple of years back and I went through the same feelings that you describe in your post. The cops weren’t very helpful and the only consolation I got in the end was in thinking that it could have been worse. But as you mentioned… the feeling helpless part really sucks. Hope that the culprits will be apprehended soon and if not may pigeons poop on their heads every time they stand under a tree!

  3. Sympathies. Its not fun having that happen to you. Most probably noone will believe it, but our place was broken into 4 times in 10 years 😦

    Its best to just forget about and move on bro. Delving on this is just going to drag you down. You may have lost the material things but the most valuable things in that house are the memories. And those will always be there with you

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