Affno strikes GOLD, yet again!

Last night was a memorable night for Affno. At the National Best Quality Software Awards 2007, organized by the British Computer Society Sri Lanka section, Affno walked away with THREE gold awards and a special award presented by CIMA Sri Lanka Section.

Our products won gold awards in both product categories we entered in as well as the overall Gold Medal across all product categories. It was a great moment for us as our products were adjudged teh best in their respective categories and or Expenditure Management System was adjudged the best software product among all the products that competed.

This year, unlike last year my involvement with the BCS Awards was minimal as I was away in Mauritius during the time the judging took place. I only briefly participated in the initial brainstorming sessions, but my input was limited to chipping in a few ideas. But the teams that presented the products have done a brilliant job. Good work guys. Also, i would like to congratulate the engineers on both the product teams, both past and present for building such high quality and award winning products. Guys your hard-work has paid off. You can be proud of the fact that your efforts have been recognized in a national scale.

I am proud to be a member of an award winning team! Way to go Affno! NBQSA 2008, watch out for us!


  1. Sampath

    People know how does affno strike BCS Gold and CIMA

    For BCS, Affno pays to selection comity .

    For CIMA, Affno co-founder is playing high roll in CIMA sri lanka.

    Isnt it?

  2. Hey Buddy,

    Don’t be a sore loser! We didn’t pay anybody anything. We won on our own merit! We didn’t need to pay! So you think the BCS judging panel could have been bought? Maybe you tried and lost!

    FYI, our co-founder is not at all affiliated with CIMA. You got your wires mixed up!

    For once, stop slinging mud and be graceful in defeat!


  3. Hasitha

    Keep up. Wish you all the best.

  4. jagath

    Nice write up. Well done Affno! keep up the good work.

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