I’ve passed 20,000 hits

I just noticed something by accident. This blog has passed the 20,000 hits milestone! I can’t believe it. I mean, 20,000 odd times my ramblings have been read by other people! Imagine!

I know, it’s not a very big you might say! There are blogs out there which get ten times more hits in a day! But then, I am not a regular blogger. And this blog has no particular theme or a subject area. These are purely my ramblings, written when i felt like it provided I had the time to do so!

What amazes me is this new medium which Internet has made possible. For a normal bloke, with a regular job and a family, this has provided a means to express his views. And no, I do not have to pay and get some ad space on a news paper! Amazing!

Thank you for all those who even visited this blog once! I will continue to write, when I feel like it, when I have the time 🙂


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