On my way to Mauritius

I am on my way to Mauritius and writing this post from Dubai International Airport on my transit.

I have a pretty long transit of 12 hours. And since I am flying economy class I am left to use the basic facilities at the airport. I have spent about 6 hours of my transit time and am now bored to death. And I am tired too.

This is the third time I am on a long transit in Dubai. In fact everytime I have had to pass through Dubai I have been on pretty long transits. The worst being a 26 hour transit on my return from Tanzania last year.

I have been hearing that Mauritius is a beautiful country. But I am not sure how much I will enjoy the beauty of the place as I am going there on my own. I now find it pretty hard to be a tourist alone without Lushi. If I was with her, I am sure that I would have enjoyed the place pretty well. But since I am alone and missing her and Dinara, I guess I will just concentrate on my work.

I am going to Mauritius for a system study. Affno, the company I work for is involved in a project in Mauritius, along with another Sri Lankan company, Informatics International to deploy a system at Passport and Immigration Office of Mauritius. This is the second project that I am involved in the African region, the first being the Capitol Markets and Securities Authority project in Tanzania.

This time I am going to be away from home for around a month. This is the longest that I have been separated from Lushi, ever. Earlier I have been away from home in India for about a month, but that was before I was married or met Lushi. This time is it even more lonely for me as I have never been away from Dinara for more than a day since she was born.

I am already missing Dinara and Lushi. And it is not going to get better as this  is only the beginning of my journey. I know Lushi misses me as well. I hope Dinara won’t miss me that much as she would not realize that I am gone. But I miss her! she’ll be 10 monts when I get back and these days she is growing rapidly. And I am going to miss one month of her progress!

NOTE: This was finally posted from Mauritius as I could not connect to the Internet from Dubai.

  1. Jack Point

    Think Mauritius has heaps of HOT babes. Visit the beach when you can.

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