Alone in my room…

They say to really appreciate the value of the things you take for granted, you should be deprived of them. Well it is true to really appreciate the value of family. But in my case, I am going to be deprived of their company only for a short period of time. But I have come appreciate the value of their company, just after being away from them for two days.

Being here in Mauritius, after the end of the working day, all by your self, made me realize, how much I had taken my family for granted. I mean, I knew they were there and hence I was indifferent to their company. But now, at the end of the day, I have to come back to an empty hotel room. Lush is not here to welcome me home. Dinara is not here for me to play with and cuddle. I can’t drop into my mothers place after work to say hi to her. I mean, those were the things that I took for granted when I was back home. But being here now, without them around, it is making me feel all lonely. All I have for solace is just a phone call.

I realize that I may have not shown them how much they mean to me. How much they were a part of my life. How much that their presence filled up my life.

There is a lesson for me in all this. I need to start showing them, when I am around them, what they mean to me. It is a good thing that I can go back to them, and get a chance to make sure that I don’t let the moments just pass me by. I need to take the time appreciate them and make them feel the specialness that I feel for them in my heart.

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