If you see me in a pink shirt…

Well, I won a shirt. I answered some question on the radio one evening and I turned out to be the first person with the correct answer and I won an Emerald Leonardo Designer Shirt. I was thrilled!

So after a couple of weeks I was told that i could go pick up my shirt from a shop and they asked for my collar size and ID number. When I turned up at the shop, they had not recieved the shirt I had won so I was asked to come again later. After a couple of days I got another call asking for my collar size and then I was told that teh shirt will be ready at the same shop. So I went there and picked it up. It was packed with my name on it!

So I got home and opened the packing. It was a nice shirt and it had a matching tie too! BUT it was PINK! Now, I dont have anything persoanlly gainst the color pink. But if I were to choose a shirt, I dont think I’d ever buy a pink shirt. I was contemplating even returning the shirt and thank them for the courtesy.

Then again, since I would have never bought a pink shirt on my own, maybe it is good for me to try out a something I wouldnt normally do. So I am taking it as a an opportunity to see myself in a pink shirt!

So if you see me wearing a pink shirt, you now know how I got around to wearing it 😉


  1. pink isnt that bad dude…its just a colour…nothing else…i think ppl have to get over the fact that colours dont mean anything….

  2. well.. some say that “pink is the new black”.. erm.. i dont think so.. but some men can pull of pink. but NOT dark luminous pink though (puke)

  3. T

    Baby pink on some guys is hawwwt!

  4. Good to see a bloke spruce up in Pink coz not that many wanna believe that’s a `in-thing` for metro-sexual mores!

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