Installing Infragistics Netvantage V2, CLR2 on Windows Vista

I am not a great fan of third party control libraries. I prefer to go for third-party control libraries only if I cannot absolutely do what I want to get done with the standard control. One control library I used recently was the Infragistics Netvantage control suite for .NET 2.0. I have to tell you, it was not a breeze to use. It’s strength is the ability to get the look and feel that is similar to Office 2007. But in terms of programming, there is a learning curve and it is not really straight forward! To its credit, I have to admit that they have a few nifty control, such as the schedule controls which are pretty useful!

Now to my complaint. After working with Netvantage on Windows XP, for sometime, I upgraded my computing platform to Windows Vista. So the first task of setting up the computer was installing all my tools. I managed to install Visual Studio 2005 without a snag, although there were some concerns and complains about Visual Studio on Vista, then I installed the ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX control tool kit which also went ahead without a snag. Then I moved on to install Netvantage, and I HIT a SNAG.

Netvantage installer is a zip file. When I opened the zip on RAR and clicked on the MSI it started the process of extracting. At around 60% of progress the extraction fails saying the compressed file is corrupted. I even tried a fresh download from the Infragistics site, still the same result.

As this same zip file worked for me on my Windows XP computer, I tried extracting the compressed file on the WinXP machine. Voila! It worked, without a snag! I was overjoyed! Seems my problem was solved!

So I moved the extracted files to the Vista machine and then tried the installer. Well, it was progressing pretty well, I thought the installation had completed, and then…. I get this message: “Installation ended prematurely because of an error” What an error message? What the heck!

So I search around and come across this post! So I am posting it again herefor the benefit of those who may face this problem and to thank David Ching for coming up with the solution.


  1. Tom

    Get the same cryptic error. Reminds me why I hate 3rd party controls. They are often unstable and hard to use.


    hola , yo tambien tengo el mismo problema.
    me da el error que tu detallas.
    si encontraste la forma de solucionarlo te lo agradeceria

  3. Developer

    There is nothing i hate more, then to find an article where the author has found a solution to the problem, but instead of posting the solution, they simply provide a URL to the solution…AND THE URL IS A DEAD LINK. Way to go.

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