HP iPaq FileStore Fix

If you are an iPaq user running Windows Mobile 2003 / SE and if your PDA gets stuck when you try to delete a file from the HP File Store folder, it is a known issue that is prevelant for many iPaq’s running WM 2003. I have tried ROM upgrades and the like and it never solved my problem. I kind of got used to living with it, it meant that I had to have the same set of songs in my file store, but since I am not much of a musical freak, I let it be.

But the problem became a headache when I tried to synchronize the PDA with a Vista computer. I downloaded the Windows Sync Centre and when it was trying to connect to my PDA, it got stuck and there was no proceeding from that point. After dabbling with it for one full day, I realized the problem was conencted to the File Store getting stuck. So I started my quest for the search for a fix.

That search led me to RICOUK’s article on the File Store Fix. And it worked like a charm. The instructions were spot on. Now my PDA is in Sync with my Laptop running Vista! The only thing is you have to figure out which option is ‘Delete’ in German!


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