Google big brother and Vista Search

Here is something I just discovered on Vista. I find this pretty big brotherly type of an acting, for a change, from Google.

When you install Google Toolbar on IE on Vista, Google changes the default search provider from Live Search to Google. Now the funny part is I can’t recall the installation ever asking em whether I wanted to change this setting.

Upon noticing this, I wanted to change the default search setting on IE back to Live Search, as there is a search box on the Google toolbar itself, and I wanted to have the option to do searches on both search engines, without having to go to their sites. This is where the Google arrogance comes into play.

Although, I go to Change Search Defaults and set Live Search as my default, it does NOT get changed. Google tries to be a big brother and just loads a small icon to the notifications area on the task bar. This icon just gets loaded and never even bothers to give an indication / notification as to why it got loaded. When you click on it it gives a message like, ‘ somebody wants to change away from Google as your search provider blah blah’ So to change it you have to allow it do happen from within this option.

I am a great fan of Google’s products. But I really don’t like it when they think they know what is best for it. It was them who went to legislators complaining, that MS is making it difficult for users to switch Search Providers. But from this experience, I think they too are trying to make is as difficult as possible for users to switch away from Google.


  1. sam

    hmm.. Microsoft to Google.. is like exchange ginger for chilly

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