Campaign for Pavement 4 Pedestrians !

This is a very timely campaign that all pedestrians should be taking part as today, pavements or sidewalks are being used for everything else other than by the pedestrians.

the sidewalks around my office are being used as garbage dumps, as loading bays, as extended gardens and as a flee market. With the available space in a sidewalk being used for these purposes, the pedestrians are forced to take to the roads (I mean walk on the road itself) putting their selves directly in the line of collision with oncoming traffic!

So what do the pedestrians have to do. Form an organization (or an NGO) and launch a campaign to take back the side walks for the original purpose that it was build for! For walking!

Since the Police is not stepping up to the task, ( I think the law allows them to fine and take action against all those who encroach the sidewalks), as they have bigger and better things to do, such as investigate all those abductions, it is time for the pedestrians to step up to the task.

So if you see some people holding placards that read ‘Give us our sidewalks’ around the Lipton Circus or in front of the Fort Railway Station, and if you happen to also pass by, on foot mind you, please join in. They are fighting for all of us!


  1. Hey bro.. If you are forming a NGO them I’m in..!!! 😉
    Nobody cares about the public..!!! we have to grab it.

  2. Or Call Mervin.. shit i forget his number. its in a huge billboard in Kelaniya.. with the chintana symbol and all..will get that for u.

  3. //huge billboard in Kelaniya//
    I think even n Maradhana 🙂

  1. 1 Global Voices Online » Sri Lanka: Pavement For Pedestrians

    […] Sampath’s Mindspace has had it with pavements being used by everyone by pedestrians. Share This […]

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