Jaxtr for receiving free calls

Have you heard of Jaxtr? Well now you have! It’s so cool. It allows anyone to call a registered users’ phone. It is a great way to receive calls on your phone, for free. Jaxtr gives you 160 Jax (that’s Jaxtr currency) free when you join and about another 100 a month.

The cool thing about Jaxtr is, it not only allows you to receive calls, but it also keeps your number free. Therefore, it is completely safe to post the Jaxtr widget on your blog or your web site. Also, you can set a setting that only allows the people you approve to call you via Jaxtr.

Thank you Manjula for sending me an invitation to Jaxtr. I know, I haven’t called you yet. But I will pretty soon.

Everybody else, check out Jaxtr


  1. yeah its pretty cool.. doesnt seem to work for SL though. they dont have a local presence. but you can receive international calls..

  2. i’ve got a jaxtr account. but still not sure how it works. tried calling my slef on my second number, but didnt work. any help?

  3. Hi,

    Why do you say that it doesn’t work for SL? I used it to call friends overseas and it worked just fine.

    Basically how it works is like this. Let’s say I want to call person A. I go to his Jaztr page @ http://www.jaxtr.com/PersonA and click on the call me button. Then Jaxtr asks for my phone number and calls my phone. When I pick up the call, it then calls person A and connects the call to my phone.

    Worked absolutely brilliantly. Try it.


  4. Yes calling international numbers seems to be possible, but doesnt work all the time.. doesnt seem to work for local-t0-local calls.. at least it didnt for me..

  5. jaxtr works for local calls as well as for international. The feature to keep your number private and the controls over incoming calls are the same. You can also record VoiceBlasts. And as long as incoming calls are free to you (most phone plans are like that), you can also save on local calls. In 44 countries, we also offer local numbers, so you can call people directly from your mobile or landline phone. For a second call to the same person, a local number is currently required.

  6. With the recently (7th June) added local numbers now Jaxtr supports 44 countries. But SL isn’t listed; that doesn’t mean that you can’t make calls to registered Jaxtr users (where ever they are) from SL. I hope they will obtain a local number pool also from SL enabling Jaxtr users, live in overseas, to ring SL fixed/Mobile phones directly.

    Jaxtr Blog: http://jaxtr.blogspot.com/

  7. siva

    how to make second call. they are giving a number i don’t know what to do pl’s help
    thanks in advance

  8. Hi Siva,

    Since you are calling from Sri Lanka, we assign a US number to you after the widget call is finished.

    You can call your friend by calling that US number.

  9. bush-bash

    i think this is just so complicated and user limited that it could only be used by people who have plenty of free time. for functional people this is so frustrating. and given that most of phone providers now are offering excellent international rates (such as g3telecom, VIOP phones etc) i dont see any reason why any one would like to choose such complicated service. its fun to play with, however!

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  13. Alps

    I want to call person A who have a jaxtr account by displaying caller id some others no.

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  15. jahman

    Talk to Mohammed Please the guy have wrote you twice.

  16. Dil


    I’m from SL and i have a mobitel connection.Can someone pls tell me how the calling charges would happen for the following scenario?
    Lets say i want to talk to a friend in India. Then is it worth calling using jaxtr or directly using mobitel IDD facilities?Because if i call using mobitell IDD it will cost me 7 rupees (IDD Charges are billed on a per second basis ) Will it cost less if i use jaxtr?


  17. Jaxtr is for those who have enough time in their daily life.Many Telecom providers offers nice a easy international calling rates such as M3itelecom, skype etc.using such complicated services is waste of time.In daily life everyone depends on international Telecom service providers.

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