Dinara is 5 months old today!

Our sweet little angel is 5 months old today! Looking back, the last five months has been the most memorable time of my life. I am not sure which is the most memorable moment of my life, whether it was my wedding day or whether it was the day Dinara was born.

Considering the stressful weeks we spent prior to Dinara’s birth and the week or so soon after her birth, I think we have come to take her for granted. She commands the most amount of attention in our house right now. Starting from Lush, to her parents to my mother, everybody’s first concern is her. The rest of us come second. When she makes a noise there are so many people to check on her as to why she is making a noise.

She is also not one to shy away from attention. I think she likes it. One thing she doesn’t like is to be left alone. As long as someone is around, she will try to keep herself busy. But she gets bored very easily. She wants constant activities to happen around her. Maybe she has got accustomed to the attentions that everyone showers on her! If you talk to her, she loves to talk back. Only if we could make sense of all the boo’s and oough’s that she talks.

  1. shir

    For sure love has walked into your life to stay,
    The moment your heart n eye met that day.
    Love is a journey strictly for just for two.
    The sweet kids are the wonderful flavour!

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