Dinara’s day out

We took our baby Dinara on a small trip today. There were some pledges which were made before her birth, when Lushi was pregnant. Those were to be fulfilled after the baby passes her third month birthday. Now that our D is more than four months old, we thought it was high time to fulfill those.

So we took her to the temple at Nawagamuwa. One pledge fulfilled. Then on the way we took her to the Kelaniya temple as well. There is a tradition among the Buddhists living in the Kelaniya area, to take the new born babies to the Kelaniya temple. We fulfilled that tradition as well.

But little Dinara knew very little about what was going on. She enjoyed the views the moving car presented her and very soon she became sleepy. From that point onwards, she slept throughout the whole journey. She hardly makes trouble when she travels. Not that we travel with her that often, but when we do, she prefers to sleep thought the journey. Sleeping or not sleeping, she is the most adorable kid I have seen!


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