I am a father now!

Today is undoubtedly the happiest day of my life (I can think of one other day that I was as happy as today, that was our wedding day). Lushi gave birth to a baby girl this afternoon. She looked so tiny and was so damn cute! To me, she is the cutest baby I have seen. She is so tiny but looks absolutely cute!

As she was born one month pre-mature she was weighing less than the ideal weight. So she will have to spend a few days in an incubator. I am sure the good doctors at Ninewells Hospital will take care of our little angel. I am sure she will get the best medical attention there.

The experience of bringing a new life to this world is unexplainable. You are over the moon and beyond the stars. When you hear your baby cry for the first time is a moment that you will never forget. It made me go numb and I almost cried. I can’t believe that I am a father! I have been looking forward to this day with anticipation, but I never knew I was going to be this exited! Suddenly, the whole paradigm of my life has changed. My priorities have changed upside down and now everything will revolve around this tiny little angel!

Ever since the time our gynecologist told us that he is going to bring the baby out, I was on pins. I was so exited that I could not control myself! I was so impatient, I was counting the minutes to seeing the baby! And so was Lushi, she was both exited and nervous!

And the experience of being there when your wife is giving birth to your kid, it’s something every father has to experience. At Ninewells, fathers are allowed to be with their wives at the birth, be it a natural delivery or a C-section operation. As a father, it is the closest you will get to being with your wife and your kid. It allows you to be there and experience your child’s birth first hand. Wow!

Our baby is alive today because of the brilliance of two doctors, and I need to thank them. I don’t have enough words to thank you Dr. Rohana Haththotuwa, who was our gynecologist. You guided us through complications and made all the right decisions along the way. You were a savior! And you are the best in the field. And Dr. H.T. Wickremasinghe, with whom our baby will be starting her life. You have taken on the task of seeing our baby through her early years and we thank you for that! And finally a word about Ninewells, it is the best maternity hospital there is!

6 thoughts on “I am a father now!

  1. Congrats Man!

    All the best wishes for you x 3

    Would appreciate if you could pass me an email or website of Ninewells or Dr. Rohana as I am planning to take my wife to Colombo for delivery scheduled in Jan 2007,

  2. Nice site, I have bookmarked your site yet and I will come back again ! You have a gratest site!

  3. You are a father now ! damm it . Then I hate you . You know why should you get married and be a father ? Please tell me .

    We already bron , so what is the point of being a father . To reborn you again ! dammit .

    I will never marry or never be a father . you say that this is your happiest thing in the life , FUCK you man this is the worst thing in your life . When you become a father you are less freedom . YOu cannot done whatever you need . Your kids will come and access to your computer and play games . If your are a father , and you have a computer it’s not your computer anymore .

    sanzilla’s security warning !

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