Playing around with the blog

I have been playing around with my blog cos my mind was not functioning properly for a few hours, so I couldn’t concentrate on work.

I changed the theme and totally mucked up my settings. I added a few more widgets as well. I thought my earlier theme was too blue!

I even uploaded an image and created a custom header. First time I played this much with my blog. I used one of example images that comes with Wondows XP as I could’nt find any other images on my laptop. So I guess it’s time I step out with my camera, looking for an image for the header! has come up with the ability to give a first-level domain name to the blog for a price. I was seriously thinking about buying one but then decided against it for three reasons. First, I could think of a few other things that I could do with the money and two, I could’nt think of an interesting enough domain name and three, I like my current sub-domain under wordpress.

Hope this new look sticks around for a while. This is the fourth theme I am using on this blog.

  1. Hi Sampath!
    Congratulations! Hows life at Affno. Regards to Mr Suren.

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